Chairman of Korea Automobile Importers & Distributors Association Pablo Rosso

Pablo Rosso

It has been over 30 years since the import car market has opened in 1987. In the past over 30 years, the import car industry has significantly developed both qualitatively and quantitatively based on continuous efforts.

As of 2019, around 240,000 new import cars were registered in the domestic passenger car market, accounting for 16% of the market share. Five commercial vehicle brands also joined KAIDA members, selling about 5,000 units in the domestic commercial vehicle market as of 2019, accounting for a meaningful proportion.

The number of brands selling in Korea has continuously increased, and today 22 companies and 30 brands in passenger and commercial vehicles are participating as KAIDA members.

Such growth was possible due to the efforts of the industry to overcome the big and small challenges and the challenge of import car brands who tried to differentiate the market with better products and services along with the consumers who recognized and responded to these efforts.

In recent years, the automotive industry is facing greater challenges than ever and a shift of automotive paradigm that has never been experienced before. The automotive market is rapidly changing around the world with stricter regulations of each country, latest technologies and changes in mobility concept that will modify consumer patterns. This demonstrates us how fast and dramatically the automotive market will change in the future.

At this critical point, KAIDA will work with its members to deliver a good concept, new values, joy of life and driving, latest and eco-friendly technologies to the domestic automobile market to become trustworthy and continuously selected import car by the Korean consumers.

In addition, we will endeavor to contribute to the development and growth of the domestic automobile industry by deeply recognizing the heavy responsibility and the high expectations on us as an important axis in the domestic automobile industry.

In 2020, KAIDA and the import car industry are about to take a strong first step towards a new beginning. We ask for your support and interest.

Thank you.