The automobile market in Korea is known as a global testbed and has been acknowledged as a barometer for projection of global competitiveness. Various automakers from around the world strive to provide competitive products and services to meet the high expectations and demands of Korean consumers.

As a result, Korean customers enjoy a broader range of choices and this brought continued growth and development of the Korean automobile market.

The imported automobile industry has contributed to the overall growth of the automotive industry by continuously offering diverse products, expanding service infrastructure, and improving quality. We have been at the forefront of growth in the imported car market, in both quantitative and qualitative terms. We truly are a vital component of the Korean automobile industry.

Since its launch in 1995, KAIDA has been working tirelessly to revitalize the imported car industry. KAIDA represents the imported car industry and supports the development of the industry through active exchanges with the government and related organizations. Currently, a total of 29 brands, including 25 passenger cars and 4 commercial vehicle brands, have joined KAIDA as members and are engaged in diverse activities.

Together with our member companies, we will focus on five key areas to improve consumer convenience and advance the Korean automotive industry: ▲Active Communication ▲Improving Transparency ▲Eco-friendliness ▲Contribution to the Korean Automobile Industry ▲Social Contribution. In so doing, we will engage with various stakeholders including industry officials, the government and etc. We seek for your continued support for KAIDA, faced with a bright future for the imported car market.

Thank you.