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  • All statistics provided by KAIDA are based on the registration data MOLIT collects.
  • Statistics are based on KAIDA members' passenger car registrations among imported automobiles registered in the country. Gray and used motor vehicles are not officially included in the tally.
  • All statistics are searchable from 2003, and monthly registration statistics for the previous month are updated on the 10th of each month.
  • %Share: The market share that the brand holds in the given month or year
  • %Change: The rate of change in the given month or year compared to the previous month or year
  • Among the new registration statistics, you can search for the district in brand-region/district and model-region/district by selecting a region and pressing the search button.
  • The 'Hybrid' category in fuel type statistics includes figures for Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles (MHEVs).
  • The purchase type statistics are aggregated as follows: when the vehicle is registered under the name of a corporation (including leases from financial companies, rentals, and purchases made under the name of the company, etc.), it is categorized under the 'Business' section. Only if the registration is solely under the name of an individual, it is classified under the 'Private' section.
  • Until 2019, the figures for Lincoln were aggregated within Ford's figures. However, starting from 2020, Ford and Lincoln are being accounted for separately.
  • Although Tesla is not a KAIDA member, it is included in statistics starting from 2024 to provide more comprehensive market information.