Terms and Conditions

Article 1 - Purpose and scope

  • This agreement is intended to stipulate the conditions and procedures for the use of the internet information service('kaida.co.kr') provided by the Korea Automobile Importers and Distributors Association (the 'Association') under the Telecommunications Business Act and its Enforcement Decree and other necessary matters.
  • This agreement shall apply to every user who uses kaida.co.kr (http://www.kaida.co.kr) website regardless of membership with the Korea Automobile Importers and Distributors Association.

Article 2 - Effect and Notice of Amendment

  • This agreement takes effect by being posted on the kaida.co.kr website.
  • In the event of amending this agreement, we may promote the amendment by posting a notice on the kaida.co.kr website.
  • The revised terms and conditions also apply to members who joined before the revision.

Article 3 - Regulation of Terms and Conditions

  • If there are matters not specified in this agreement but are governed by applicable laws and regulations, they will be subject to those provisions.

Article 4 - Definitions

  • The definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows:
  • User: An individual who has entered into an agreement with the Association for the use of 'kaida.co.kr' and has been assigned a user ID.
  • User ID: A combination of letters and numbers selected and approved by the 'Association' for user identification and use of 'kaida.co.kr'.
  • Imported Automobile-Related Data: various data in the database among the services of 'kaida.co.kr', available free or paid in accordance with the policy of the 'Association'.
  • Password: A combination of letters and numbers set by the User and used for user authentication and the protection of the user’s confidentiality.
  • Fee Payer: In principle, a user is a person who shall fulfill all duties including usage fees, according to the terms and conditions about the 'Association'. Others can be Fee Payers with consent of the 'Association'. In this case, they assume responsibility jointly with the user.
  • Usage Fee: An amount charged at specific intervals, based on a fee system separately determined by the 'Association' as a fee for utilizing the 'Imported Automobile-related Information.'
  • Usage Guide: The area where the 'Association' informs users of the terms and conditions, procedures, fees, and management policies on 'kaida.co.kr
  • Termination: Refers to the user's expression of intent to terminate the service contract after service activation.
  • Group Registration: A form of registration where the user, through a separate service agreement with the 'Association', is assigned multiple user IDs.

Article 5 - Establishment and Unit of Use Contract

  • The service contract is established by the user's service application and the Association's acceptance of the service.
  • The service agreement is concluded on a per User ID basis, and in special cases such as group membership, the service agreement unit can be established through a separate contract.

Article 6 - Use application

  • Usage application is deemed to have been made either when the application form as defined by the Association is completed and physically submitted to the Association or when, on the kaida.co.kr website, the Terms of Use is agreed to, and the information required in the application form is fully provided and transmitted.

Article 7 - Service Application

  • When the user completes the service application as stipulated in Article 6, the 'Association' approves the application without delay after confirming the necessary information.
  • The 'Association' may withhold the service application that falls under each of the following cases until the reasons for reservation of approval of the application are resolved.
  • A. If there are not enough available facilities
  • B. If There are technical problems
  • C. If the cases are deemed necessary by the Association
  • The 'Association' does not accept the service application that falls under each of the following cases.
  • A. If applying using someone else's name
  • B. If you falsely fill in the required information or attach false documents for service application
  • C. If applying with the intention to disrupt social order or public morals,
  • D. If the service application requirements set by the 'Association' are not met
  • 'Association' shall restrict the issuance of specific User numbers if it is deemed necessary for User management and the operation of the "kaida.co.kr" website or in cases that are socially unacceptable.

Article 8 - Assignment and Management of User ID

  • The User ID is generally issued based on the individual's real name according to the resident registration, and for corporations, it is issued based on the corporate name according to the business registration certificate.
  • The responsibility for the management of User ID and passwords lies solely with the User who owns the Username.
  • The User who owns the User ID is solely responsible for any fault in service usage or disadvantages caused by unauthorized use by third parties related to User ID. Unless the Association is proven to have caused such negligent or unauthorized use intentionally or by gross negligence.
  • A company that has been assigned a representative ID shall designate a person in charge of User ID and rigorously manage the Username within the company to prevent information leakage and unauthorized modification in advance. The "Association" shall not be responsible for such disadvantages.
  • The User ID can not be shared or transferred. The "Association" reserves the right to suspend the use of a Username if the User ID is shared or transferred without the consent of the Association.
  • However, this is not the case when the "Association" and the user agree under separate conditions.

Article 9 - Access time

  • The kaida.co.kr website shall be available 24/7, year-round unless there are special business or technical constraints for the Association.
  • The website may not be available on the specified days or times designated by the "Association" in advance for regular maintenance or other necessary activities.

Article 10 - Service offerings

  • Imported automobile registration data
  • A. Imported automobile statistics
  • Other importedautomobile information
  • A. Research data
  • B. Reports
  • C. Translated materials
  • Other services provided either by the "Association" or through collaborative agreements with other companies.
  • The service content for users shall be determined by the policies of the 'Association' and subject to change without prior notice.

Article 11 - Use of 'kaida.co.kr'

  • The particulars related to the use of kaida.co.kr as stipulated in each Paragraph of Article 10 shall be posted in the User Guide or separately announced.

Article 12 - Contents change

  • The Association shall have the right to add, change, or delete any of the content contained in the kaida.co.kr website, and the use of updated content shall be as indicated in the User Guide or as published by other means.

Article 13 - Restricted Accessibility

  • The Association shall suspend the provision of kaida.co.kr in the following cases.
  • A. If there are unavoidable circumstances arising from maintenance or improvement of the kaida.co.kr website
  • B. If a user choose not to use the website for a certain period of time according to predetermined conditions set by the 'Association'
  • C. If a key telecommunications service provider as defined in the Telecommunication Business Act stops offering telecommunication services.
  • The Association shall restrict or suspend all or part of the kaida.co.kr website in the event of a state of national emergency, power outage, malfunction of the kaida.co.kr website or a surge in web service usage that hinders normal web service operation.

Article 14 - Responsibilities of the 'Association'

  • The 'Association' shall make the services available for the users on the commencement date requested for the kaida.co.kr website unless there are special circumstances.
  • The 'Association' shall have an obligation to make the kaida.co.kr website continuously and stably available in accordance with these Terms of Use.
  • The 'Association' shall not disclose or distribute the personal information of the users, known in relation to the provision of the kaida.co.kr website, to the third parties without the User's consent. However, if there are demands from relevant government offices in accordance with the provisions of laws such as Telecommunication framework act, it shall not be so.
  • The 'Association' is not responsible for any leakage or unauthorized use of user information that users input when applying for membership in certain services, such as the community, by the operator of that service.

Article 15 - User Responsibilities

  • The user is responsible for paying the fees specified in this agreement, with the payment responsible party, as a fee for the use of the 'Imported Automobile-related Information' service on the 'kaida.co.kr' website.
  • Users shall not copy any information obtained by using the kaida.co.kr website without prior consent of the Association for purposes other than their own use or disclose such to a third party.
  • Users must not engage in activities that persistently transmit promotional information against the recipient's will, cause disruption to the stable operation of the service through transmitting and receiving excessive data, register postings, or engage in other activities that violate sound service utilization.
  • Users shall comply with the provisions set out in each of the Subparagraphs under Article 8.
  • In addition to Paragraphs 1 through 4 under this Article, Users shall comply with the provisions set out in these terms and conditions and the related laws.

Article 16 - User's Postings

  • The Association shall have the right to delete any postings put up by Users on the kaida.co.kr website if deemed to fall under one of the following Subparagraphs:
  • If the content disparages or defames another user or third party through slander or malicious intent
  • If the content violates public order and traditional customs
  • If the content is objectively recognized to be associated with criminal activities
  • If the content infringes on the copyrights or other rights of third parties
  • If the posting exceeds the duration specified by the 'Association'
  • If the content is not in line with the purpose of the respective service
  • If an individual, without objective facts, disparages the 'Association' to fulfill a specific agenda, thereby damaging the honor of the Association
  • If it is determined to violate other relevant laws and regulations or the 'Association's' posting management regulations

Article 17 - Copyright of Postings

  • The copyright of the postings made by the user on 'kaida.co.kr' belongs to the user, and the 'Association' holds the right to publish within 'kaida.co.kr'. The 'Association' may use a posting placed by a User for non-commercial purposes.

Article 18 - Types of Fees

  • Users who access the 'Imported Automobile-related Data', among other services available from the kaida.co.kr website, shall pay a fee set by the 'Association'.
  • The fees that users are required to pay for the use of 'Imported Automobile-related Information' are as follows.
  • A. Information usage fee for data membership Annual membership fee of KRW 1,000,000 (VAT excluded) The service usage period is one year from the month of application and payment of the information usage fee

Article 19 -Fee Payer

  • Unless otherwise agreed to by the Association, Fee Payers shall be the Users of Imported Car Related Data.
  • The fee payer under the provision of Paragraph 1 shall be jointly responsible with the user for settling all obligations, including the usage fees for 'Imported Automobile-related Data' in accordance with the terms and conditions, and shall be responsible for making the payment to the 'Association'.

Article 20 - Payment of Fees

  • The 'Association' shall issue an invoice dated the day that the User submits a usage application for 'Imported Automobile-related Data', and the User shall have access to such data for one year from the day the invoice is paid.
  • Even if the user has completed and submitted the service application, the 'Imported Automobile-related Information' cannot be accessed if the designated usage fee has not been paid.
  • Users shall notify the Association of any changes in their personal information including, but not limited to, address and phone number, for, among other things, correct delivery of invoices and smooth voice communications. The Association shall be not held responsible for any disadvantages arising out of the User's failure to make notification of such changes under this Article.
  • Users shall notify the Association of any changes in their personal information including, but not limited to, address and phone number.

Article 21 - Termination

  • Users may choose to terminate access to the 'Imported Automobile-related Data' by completing and submitting the ‘'Notification of Cancellation of 'Imported Automobile-related Information Usage form' to the 'Association' not later than one day prior to the desired termination date.
  • The Association shall restrict service access starting from the next month upon receiving a termination request as stipulated in Paragraph 1." In this case, Users shall have an obligation to pay the fee in full for the period up to the month when their access to the data is restricted.
  • The Association shall calculate the fee refundable to the User for the remaining months following the month when the termination notice is received on a pro-rated monthly basis.
  • The 'Association' shall terminate the service contract and restrict the usage of 'Imported Automobile-related Information' for a certain period if any of the reasons in the following Subparagraphs occurs:
  • A. If there is failure to pay the 'Imported Automobile-related Information' Usage Fee by the specified deadline;
  • B. If there is non-compliance with this agreement, despite receiving one corrective action request, causing substantial disruption to the technical operations of the Association; or
  • C. If there are other cases where the Association deems the user unsuitable

Article 22 - Indemnification

  • The Association shall not be held responsible for any failure to make services available from the website due to natural disaster or events equivalent to force majeure.
  • The 'Association' shall not be responsible to users for the loss of expected benefits from service offerings or any disadvantages arising from their choice or use of data available on the website.
  • The 'Association' shall not be responsible to Users for failure to access the kaida.co.kr website for any reasons attributable to the User.
  • The 'Association' shall not be responsible for any damages or profits arising out of Users’ use of information obtained through the kaida.co.kr website.
  • The Association shall not be responsible for any contents displayed on the website or transmitted by Users.
  • The Association shall not be responsible for any transactions, including the exchange of goods between Users and third parties facilitated through the service.

Article 23 - Miscellaneous

  • Any documents accompanying these terms and conditions, including Tables and Forms, shall hold efficacy as a part of the terms and conditions.
  • Any matters not covered by these terms and conditions or any discrepancies in the interpretation shall be resolved via negotiation between the 'Association' and the User.
  • Any disputes arising in connection with use of the kaida.co.kr website which fails to be resolved via negotiation shall befinal in accordance with the arbitration decision of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board.


  • (Effective date) These terms and conditions shall be effective on March 29, 2004.
  • (Effective date) These terms and conditions shall be effective on March 10, 2006.
  • (Effective date) These terms and conditions shall be effective on January 13, 2014.
  • (Effective date) These terms and conditions shall be effective on September 21, 2022.
  • (Effective date) These terms and conditions shall be effective on July 26, 2023.