• Q What are the qualifications for the membership of KAIDA?
    The members of the KAIDA are divided into regular and special members. Regular members are the companies import and sell, contracted with foreign automobile manufacturing companies. Now, KAIDA also accepts data membership on-line, for further information, please click For Membership menu.
  • Q Can you advise me of importing and customs clearance procedures of used automobiles?
    Our association is consisted of official import car companies in Korea. Therefore, we can only provide information on imported new cars.
  • Q I am curious to know taxes on imported cars. Are the taxes more expensive than for domestic cars?
    The customs duties for imported cars is 8% (Due to FTA, custom duties on U.S and Europe cars are exempted) of CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight), and except for customs duties tax rates are equal to domestic cars. Any special taxes, or higher tax rates are not imposed to imported cars. You will pay the tax depending on the type and size of the car.
  • Q Can you tell about monthly registration performance?
    Domestic registration performances of imported automobiles are updated at the new registration section of statistics center. For detailed registration statistics, you need to join our data membership.
  • Q Let me know the price of automobiles of each model.
    The prices of imported cars models of each brands are indicated at the price information section of the member's list. The listed prices are the retail price given by the brands and may differ according to the trim, option and promotions.
  • Q Can I get price information or sales route of brands that are not officially imported into Korea, or models that are not sold in Korea?
    The information KAIDA can provide is limited to the models the member companies sell. In case of brands and models not officially imported and soled in Korea, since there is no showroom where consumers can buy cars, we cannot inform you how you can purchase them or their official selling prices. For such information, you’d be better off visiting the websites of the head offices of those foreign makers.
  • Q How to buy the car not being sold in Korea?
    To register and use imported cars, customs should be cleared and formal approvals as well as certifications should be made. Thus, it's very difficult for consumers to purchase the car not sold by the registered companies of the KAIDA.
  • Q I want to contact gray importer who is selling import car brands and models which are not imported by official importers.
    In case of brands officially imported into Korea by KAIDA members, KAIDA can offer the contact information but we don’t have any gray importer’s info.
  • Q I bought a car from a gray imported, and I want to have it serviced. Who can I contact?
    In principle, the KAIDA member companies provide service for the brands and models they sold. The service policy for cars purchased through gray importers varies for each brands. We advise you to contact the brand directly. The showrooms and service centers for the brands are listed in the Show Room/Service Center section under the Member menu.
  • Q Do you act as the agency for the certification acting work?
    Our members internally handle homologation related works for imported cars and KAIDA does not act as homologation agency. If you have questions on homologation works please contact to relevant government agencies (KATRI, NIER, etc.).
  • Q I want to get the support and cooperation related to automobile importers of Korea. Please let me know their contact number.
    Find out the representative contact numbers in the Brand section under the Member menu.
  • Q I want to buy a certified imported used car. What can I do?
    Some of the KAIDA member companies have used car showrooms or website. For more details, please refer to the Show Room/Service Center section under the Imported Cars Information menu. You will find contact information of brands selling used cars.
  • Q I want to bring my car I own in a foreign country back to Korea as part of my moving cargo. What is the procedure like, and how much will it cost?
    To bring cars you used in foreign country to Korea as part of your moving cargo, you must meet the moving cargo customs clearance requirements, pass through various inspections and pay the cost. For more details, contact relevant agencies such as the Korea Customs Service.
  • Q Is there any way I can access part of the data or for a certain period of time without joining KAIDA as an annual data member?
    Presently KAIDA offers only annual data membership. As you asked, we do not charge members on a case-by-case basis, or allows data members to access data for a certain period time only. We seek your understanding.
  • Q Can I pay the data membership fee by other means such as credit card?
    Currently, data membership fee can only be paid through bank account transfer. Payment by credit card is not available.
  • Q I would like to know about regional show rooms and service centers for the brands officially selling in Korea.
    The regional show rooms and service centers for the brands officially selling in Korea are listed in the Show Room/Service Center section under the Member menu.
  • Q Does Lemon Law apply to imported cars? If so I would like to know the process.
    The Lemon Law is applied when the car maker/importer and consumer both accept the exchange-refund arbitration regulation. For more information about the law and procedure please refer to the official website(http://adr.katri.or.kr).