Privacy Policy

The Korea Automobile Importers & Distributors Association(KAIDA) places great importance on protecting your privacy. Learn how we handle and use the personal information you provide and what measures we take to protect your privacy from our privacy policy set out below.

1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

① Membership management
  • Service offerings
  • Membership application and confirmation of intent to become a member
  • Identification and authentication for use of member-only services
  • Protection from access by black-listed former members or duplicate subscription
  • Notification

② Service offerings and fee calculations
  • Making content available, issuing invoices, and fee payment

③ Use for marketing
  • Providing optimized services for customers
  • Creating statistics about businesses and developing new services
  • Determining web page traffic
  • Statistics about access to services
  • Sending out newsletters and making notification of new services
  • Customer surveys
  • Promoting events, offering opportunities to win free gifts, and related information and materials

2. What information to collect and how

① Information collected
  • For individual members
  • Required: Username, password, password confirmation, personal name, email, address, phone number, mobile phone number, mailing subscription
  • For legal entity members
  • Required: Username, password, password confirmation, company name, contact, email, address, phone number, mobile phone number, mailing subscription, invoice issuance

② Method of collection
  • KAIDA collects personal information via such means as the website, forms, fax, telephone, consultation, and email.

3. Personal information contract handling

KAIDA warrants a contractor to collect your personal information to improve its business operations, including offering better service and customer experiences. Contractors and their scope of work are as follows.
① LG N-sys / INNERINFO : Operating the system for service delivery and service use analysis

4. Technical and administrative measures to protect privacy

KAIDA has technical and administrative measures in place to ensure the stability of collected personal information as set out in detail below.
① Your collected personal information is protected by a password, and critical information is encrypted prior to transmission.
② Networks and systems are closely monitored and protected by security measures including firewalls to prevent personal information from being disclosed as a     result of external invasions such as hacking.
③ Access to your personal information is strictly limited to a minimum number of people, who we ensure are fully aware of the importance of maintaining personal     information confidentiality.
④ KAIDA shall not be held responsible for any damages arising out of your negligence or any risks inherent in the Internet. You are responsible for keeping your     username and password private to protect your personal information.

5. How long personal information is retained and used

Your collected personal information shall be retained for use for the period of the service agreement. Your collected personal information will be destroyed immediately when the purpose for collecting and using such is fulfilled, unless there is a need to retain it for up to 6 months after termination of the service agreement for fee calculations, user analysis, or user convenience upon re-subscription.

6. Destruction of personal information: Procedures and method

① Destruction process
  • Your collected personal information will be retained for a certain period of time after the purpose for collecting and using such is fulfilled before being destroyed according to our

② Method
  • Personal information stored by electronic means will be deleted using a technical method that makes retrieval of such information impossible. Papers containing personal information

7. Collection of personal information through cookies

① Cookie Definition
  • KAIDA uses cookies to store and retrieve information about you. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser. Every time you load a website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to inform the website of your previous activity. This allows you to use services available from the website without, for example, entering your username. A cookie identifies your computer, but not you. You can also control cookies on your web browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, choose Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced. From this panel you can choose to accept all cookies, be notified each time a web site attempts to set a cookie on your machine, or block all cookies.

② KAIDA’s use of cookies
  • KAIDA uses cookies for your convenience. No information other than your KAIDA username is collected through cookies.

8. Contacting us

If you have questions or complaints about our handling of your personal information, please contact the authorized person below. You will be notified of what has been done about your question or complaint.
Privacy administrator:
Name: Park Eun-seok    Phone: 02-518-8046    Email:
KAIDA’s privacy policy will be effective on January 13, 2014.

9. Changes to our Privacy Policy

You will be notified of any changes to our Privacy Policy via postings on our website.