Korea Automobile Importers & Distributors Association (KAIDA) is a representative association of 20 members of imported car companies (16 passenger car companies and 4 commercial vehicle companies), who are officially importing and selling 29 brands (25 passenger car brands and 4 commercial vehicle brands) in the Republic of Korea.

Established in 1995, KAIDA has been working in the interests of the member companies in Korea and abroad, addressing their common concerns related to importing and selling automobiles, and helping improve their business environment. The association is also committed to protecting consumer benefits in Korea, while helping the members get closer to consumers by executing various events and PR activities. It takes part in the government’s policymaking, legislation, regulatory review, and statistical data collection as well.

Mission Statement

KAIDA's mission is to represent the common interests of all its members. KAIDA aims to provide more benefits to consumers and contribute to improving the domestic automotive industry by creating a balanced market environment and stimulating the market.

Main Activities

Government Relations

1. Government Relations

KAIDA works closely with government agencies and organizations in the interests of the imported car industry.

  • - Participates in the process of improving policies and regulations by the government and the National Assembly, on behalf of the imported passenger and commercial vehicle companies.
    • • Responds to new and revised environmental regulations regarding gas emissions, mileage, recycling, etc.
    • • Responds to new and revised safety policies regarding safety standards, recalls, etc.
    • • Responds to other new and revised automobile-related regulations, e.g. the Lemon Law, self-certification of parts, etc.
  • - Serves as the official channel for institutions and public agencies to communicate with the imported car companies.
  • - Shares the government’s policy information with the members and makes timely responses.
  • - Organizes legal consultations and meetings on common issues of the imported car industry.
External Collaboration

2. External Collaboration

KAIDA interacts and collaborates closely with Korean and foreign automotive industry as well as relevant institutions, in order to help the industry advance while improving their business environment.

  • - Builds networks and collaborates with Korean and foreign automotive institutions, including Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association (KAMA), American Automotive Policy Council (AAPC), European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), and German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).
  • - Engages in close cooperation and exchange with Korean and foreign embassies, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, etc.
Statistical Data Collection, Research and Legal Translation

3. Statistical Data Collection, Research and Legal Translation

KAIDA produces accurate and reliable statistical data, serving as the fundamental information provider for the industry.

  • - Collects and announces passenger and commercial vehicle statistics based on MOLIT registry.
  • - Provides a range of statistical data and analysis reports on imported vehicles.
  • - Conducts various research on imported vehicles and related information.
  • - Provides English translation of Korean automobile laws and regulations.
PR Activities

4. PR Activities

KAIDA provides a variety of information and news of the imported car industry, serving as a media channel for the industry.

  • - Engages in media activities to enhance consumer recognition of imported vehicles.
  • - Announces the members’ stance on and response to major issues regarding imported vehicles.
  • - Provides information of latest trends in the members and KAIDA.
  • - Provides combined information of CSR activities by the imported car companies.
Shows and Events

5. Shows and Events

KAIDA hosts and participates in many automotive events directly or indirectly, in an effort to further develop the automotive industry.

  • - Hosts major motor shows (Seoul Motor Show, Busan International Motor Show, etc.) and assists the members as exhibitors.
  • - Arranges international seminars and workshops on major policy issues for the members.
    • • International Seminar for Post 2020 GHG/FE
    • • MOLIT-KAIDA Safety Policy Seminar
  • - Engages in CRS activities in coordination with automotive institutions.
    • • Supports the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers (KSAE) BAJA & Formula.
    • • Presents KAIDA Award.
    • • Carries out industry-academia cooperation programs with universities.